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Pipeline Leak Detection & Repair Services

K-9 Leak Detectors


Provides Leak Detection & Repair Services on all Oil and Gas Lines, Gathering Systems, Distribution, Transmission, as well as Facilities & Stations.

Pipeline Inspection involving Damage Prevention, Welding & Coating.



K9 Leak Detectors are a Pipeline/Oil and Gas Leak Detection & Repair Company based out of Louisiana.

The owners Sarah and Billy have extensive knowledge working as Pipeline Inspectors on the R.O.W as well as Stations and Facilities.

Their love for the Outdoors and Dogs lead them to starting K9 Leak Detectors where they spend   countless hours keeping their Dogs noses in the dirt and their conditioning in top shape.

The breed of dogs Sarah and Billy use are Belgian Malinois, as their drive and intense focus give this breed an advantage when it comes to long work days and adapting to changing weather conditions.

Our Dogs are more than just dogs, they are part of our Family.

Kobe is our 4yr old Male and Amber is our 4yr old Female.

 When they are not working they LOVE to spend their time swimming or just being in the water.

So for ALL of your Leak Detection needs be sure to contact K9 Leak Detectors.


Meet The Dogs

Kobe is our Male Belgian Malinois, he was Born 4/10/2015 and is Spunky, Full of Life, and Very Determined. He is Extremely Focused when he is working and has a No Quit mindset. In his off time he loves to spend quality time with his family and play Chase the 4-wheeler

(additional exercises). 









Amber is our Beautiful Female Malinois/ Shepherd mix, she was Born 1/20/2016 and is also very Spunky, Full of Life, Determined, and at times a little possessive (she doesn't like to give her toys back). She is Extremely Focused when working and very aware of her surroundings at all times. In her off time she loves to be with family (she's a Daddy's Girl) and loves to play in the water. 


How It Works

K9 Leak Detectors LLC, uses a minimum of two dogs during Leak Detection.

The K9s we use are capable of sniffing out PPBs (Parts Per Billion) and

by doing so they can find the Leak much faster than the conventional way

which means it's more Cost Effective for the Client. 


Once on site the Technician will inject K9 LD Odorant into the Line from

an established injection point, after an appropriate amount of time has

passed (depending on the soil conditions) a team of K9s are deployed onto

the line and they start walking and searching until they find where the odorant

is coming from through the ground. They will indicate the spot by digging. 



  Sarah Landry began her career in the refineries of Southwest Louisiana. 

She followed that by new construction, compressor stations, and finally to the pipeline where she is now a third-party welding inspector (CWI). 

She has 14 years of oil & gas industry experience. 

 She enjoys this line of work as it allows her to be outdoors, see different parts of the country,   meet new people, & find great places to enjoy a wonderful meal.

Billy Cheek is a 3rd party Inspector in the oil and gas field with 13 years professional     experience. He has worked as a CWI (certified welding inspector) NACE (coating inspector) and various other positions including Chief Inspector in various parts of the USA. He said   his favorite part of being a pipeline inspector is being able to travel and see different parts of the USA as well as meeting all the different people some of which have became family.




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